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Dear Customers, 

Tia Betty Blues does not accept orders from PostMates, DoorDash, GrubHub, UberEats or any other-third party food delivery service. 

Here is why:

1. We want to keep your food safe!  Nearly 1/3 of drivers for third-party delivery services admit to “sampling” the orders that they are delivering.* We believe that actually incidence of delivery drivers eating some of their customers food is much higher. It is not possible for us to  assure food safety and integrity  when it passes through a third party’s hands before it reaches our customer. 

2. We want your order to be accurate! When you order online with us, or in person, we have a very particular set of options we query you about (e.g. Red or green? Vegan or meat-based? Gluten free?). When you order from GrubHub or similar, they have no way of asking you these important questions. 

3. We want your order to be from an up-to-date menu! Grubhub and similar third-party services, when dealing with restaurants (like ours) who refuse to sign a contract with them, engage in a ‘forced partnering” business model wherein they copy our menus onto their own website without our permissoin and hijack our orders. The problem for the customer is that these menus, once stolen, seem never to be updated. Our real menus are constantly being updated and modified.  When the customer orders from these out-of-date menus they are likely to be disappointed. 

4. We want to keep prices down! Grubhub and similar charge restaurants about 30% of the price of the order. While this may be sustainable for restaurants that sell very low-cost, low-quality food (fast food chains) where only a small portion of the price of an item represents the restaurant’s cost of food, that is not the case with us. For us to pay a third-party company 30% of each order would mean we would have to raise our prices substantially. 


Thank you for your understanding, 
Tia Betty Blues

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