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Here’s a sampling of what the press and diners have said about Tía Betty Blue’s:

Some of the creativity takes license with New Mexican cuisine, but no one will complain when they sample such deliciousness as a New Mexico po’ boy (house-made carne adovada, cheese, onions, lettuce, Fritos and pickled jalapeños) or a tamale boat (two steamed tamales covered in Tia’s housemade red chile and topped with Fritos). The foul chile despoiler cumin has no place in Tia Betty’s menu. The menu is an homage to northern New Mexican home cooking, the very best in the Land of Enchantment!
—Gil Garduño,

Tía B’s means business. The food is simple but thoughtful, and it’s different. Tía B’s baked, canoe-shaped waffles are served two ways. For sweet teeth, there’s a fruit-filled waffle topped with a choice of flavored whipped creams, including lavender. The savory boat is stuffed with eggs, chile and, for an extra dollar, carne adovada. Sprinkled with cheese—not spackled, as is the case at most New Mexican places—the dish looks vaguely like a chili dog. The waffle is airy, with a light skin, and it breaks apart nicely into the filling. The posole is thick with hefty pork chunks and shards of red chile pods. In staying true to its roots, this place isn’t afraid to innovate and take the cuisine to the next level. Underneath its veneer of sassiness, the food at Tía Betty Blue’s is earnest and deep.
—Ari LeVaux, Alibi

Tia Betty Blue’s is the kind of breakfast and lunch joint you want to turn into a regular stop. There are the breakfast standards, like huevos rancheros and huevos con carne, or less-common-but-familiar dishes like a migas plate. But there is also a choice of such creative fare as the breakfast bowl (papas and Fritos topped with carne adovada and smothered in red or green) and the blue corn waffle boat, either hot (filled with scrambled eggs, chile, and cheese) or sweet (fruit, hot syrup, chocolate, cinnamon, and whipped cream).
—Mike English, Local IQ

What a diamond in the rough! Someone recommended we try this little hole in the wall. This was the best breakfast burrito I’ve had since I moved to Albuquerque 18 years ago. We’ll be back!
—Trip Advisor reviewer

The special of the day caught my eye – huevos over calabacitas. I cut up the corn tortillas into bite-size sections to eat with the over-easy eggs, beans and papas. Undecided between the red and the green chile, I went for cups of both. I liked the green but loved the warmth of the red. You can choose between meat or vegetarian chile. What a fine, filling early afternoon breakfast in a culinary style the owner called “creative northern New Mexican.”
—David Steinberg, Albuquerque Journal

Yesterday I brought my niece to breakfast. She is from Farmington and only has crappy chains to choose from. You literally blew her mind with your chile. We both had a breakfast burrito smothered in red and green. And you smothered it. Really poured it on. Thank you, Tía.
—Keith, Albuquerque

I got the French toast, the special of the day. Everything was perfect, but I have to say – those were the best eggs I have ever had in my entire life. Truly no exaggeration there – they were so delicious I wished I had just had a dozen of them and nothing else that morning. Perfectly seasoned, perfectly cooked – absolute, total perfection!
—Kendall, Albuquerque

The atmosphere is cute and cozy, with nice free wifi. The service is friendly, and the food arrived promptly. Definitely will be a regular breakfast spot for us and perhaps lunch, too!
—Heather, Albuquerque

Found this place by accident. I’m so happy we did. What you get is tasty food with a lot of flavor. I ordered the blue corn sweet waffle with blue corn atole. My boyfriend had the tostada salad coated with red chile sauce.They have a fridge filled with a variety of fun sodas. I picked out the dry lavender pop; my boyfriend picked a ginger ale. My goal for my New Mexico trip was to try things I can’t get in California. Totally succeeded here.
—Michelle, Belmont, CA

What a find! The owner has renovated the building to perfection and the food is even better.
—Mama’s Minerals,

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