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Specialty Sodas

Our soda selection changes daily and typically includes:

Citrus Flavors
Ale-8-one, Bubble Up, Jic Jac - Lemon Lime, Kiss, Lemmy, Pop Shoppe - Lime Ricky, Schin - Guarana (can), Ski

Coca Cola - (From Mexico), Mexicana Cola (From the U.S.),  Mr. Cola, Nichol Kola, Pig Iron Cola, Zuberfizz - Cola

Cream Sodas
Americana - Orange Cream, Bedford's -  Vanilla Crème, Faygo - Rock N Rye (Cherry Cream), Frostie - Blue Cream, Jersey Crème, Sprecher - Cream Soda, Zuberfizz - Cream Soda, Zuberfizz - Key Lime Cream Soda, Zuberfizz - Orange Cream Soda, Zuberfizz - Vanilla Cream Soda

Diet Sodas
Avery's -  Diet Cola, Dr. Brown's - Diet Black Cherry, Dr. Brown's -  Diet Cream Soda, Jones - Whoopass Zero (Energy Drink), Jones - Zilch Pomegranate, Lucky Club - Guilt Free Cola, Olde Philadelphia - Diet Black Cherry, Virgil's - Zero Black Cherry Soda, Virgil's - Zero Cream Soda, Virgil's - Zero Real Cola

Dry Sodas (1/3 the sugar)
DRY - Cucumber, DRY -  Juniper Berry, DRY -  Lavender, DRY -  Rhubarb, DRY - Vanilla Bean

Fruit Flavored Sodas
Americana - Black Cherry, Americana - Huckle Berry, Astro Pop - Passion Fruit, Astro Pop - Pineapple, Avery's - Melon, Derr -  Orange Pineapple, Fanta - Orange (From Mexico), Fluids - Radiant Red (Cherry), Frostie - Cherry Lemonaid, Frostie - Orange Soda, Goody - Blue, Goody - Green, Goody Red, Howdy -  Cherry Jubilee, Jackson Hole - Strawberry Rhubarb, Jarritos - Mandarin, Jelly Belly -  Juicy Pear, Jelly Belly -  Crushed Pineapple, Jic Jac -  Black Cherry, Jic Jac -  Blue Raspberry, Jic Jac -  Grape, Jic Jac -  Strawberry, Nesbitt's - Orange, Nesbitt's - Peach, Nesbitt's - Strawberry, Nugrape Soda,  Rocket Fizz - Green Apple Jalapeno, Rocket Fizz - Mud Pie, Rocket Fizz - Peach, Rocket Fizz - Watermelon, Zuberfizz - Grape

Ginger Ales/Ginger Beers
Bedfords Ginger Ale, Bedfords Ginger Beer, Cock and Bull Ginger Ale, Reed's - Cherry Ginger Beer, Zuberfizz - Ginger Ale

Kid Favorites
Avery's "totally gross" Bug Barf, Avery's "totally gross", Kitty Piddle, Avery's "totally gross" Toxic Slime, Avery's "totally gross" Zombie Brains, Lester's Fixins -  Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter Soda

Root Beer/Birch Beer/Sarsaparilla
Abita Root Beer, Americana - Root Beer, Bedford's Root Beer, Bulldog Root Beer, Reading - Draft White Birch, Red Arrow - Root Beer, Sioux City Sarsaparilla, Sprecher - Root Beer, Zuberfizz - Root Beer

Unusual Flavors
Christmas Mint, Cucumber Soda, Dr. Brown's Cel Ray (Celery Flavored), Fluids 10 30 (Black Licorice Flavor), Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer, Lester's Fixins -  Bacon Soda, Lester's Fixins -  Coffee Soda, Lester's Fixins-  Peanut Butter and Jelly, MacFuddy, Moxie Elixer, Peanut Butter Soda, Rocky Mountain Chocolate - Coco Fizz, Scotty's Butterscotch Soda